Harbin-Israel Inernational High&New Technology Incubator
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Harbin-Israel Inernational High&New Technology Incubator

Harbin-Israel Incubator Co.,Ltd. was set up on 7th April,2011, it’s an EJV established by Harbin Venture Capital Co.,Ltd. and Infinity Group. The business scope involves Science&Technology consulting and Management Consulting Service. The main business activities are introducing the advanced Incubator Business Model and Technology from Israel Maayan Ventures to provide a series of service to the Start-up companies, promoting the values of the start-up companies, reducing the cost and risk, cultivating successful entrepreneurs, promoting the commercialization of research findings.

We do investments via the Angel Fund, and we are responsible to the counterpart fund of Harbin Government, we are endeavored to achieve the demands of exploring the international operation model.

Investment Area:New Energy, High&New Technology, IT, Biomedical, New Material, equipment manufacturing, etc.

Investment Model:
Long-Term Equity Investment to the Start-up companies

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