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Portfolio BuleSword listed on SSE STAR MarketPortfolio company BuleSword lands on SSE STAR Market
2020/12/2 0:00:00  From:Infinity Capital Management

Established in 2001, BlueSword Intelligent is a solution provider of the whole process intelligent logistics system in China. The company integrates the planning and design of automated logistics system and system integration, provides customers with all-round support in logistics links such as warehousing, sorting and distribution, and realizes informationization, automation and intelligence of customer logistics system. Now it has 37 invention patents, 79 utility model patents and 41 computer software copyrights, which have been evaluated by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as the key task of innovation in the new generation of artificial intelligence industry. The products are used in medicine, tobacco, electric power, military industry and other industries, and the main customers are all over the world from 2017 to 2019, BlueSword Intelligent's operating income and net profit both increased steadily.

In July 2019, Infinity Capital completed its investment in BlueSword Intelligent. The person in charge said that BlueSword has a leading innovative technology in the field of intelligent sorting, and its products are exported to overseas developed countries and recognized by well-known customers. It is the vanguard in the field of intelligent warehousing and sorting in China.

BlueSword intelligent listing is quite smooth. On April 24
th, 2020, the listing materials were accepted, only four months later, on August 21st, they were approved by the Shanghai Municipal Committee of science and technology innovation board, and then officially listed today after more than three months. According to science and technology innovation board's positioning, BlueSword Intelligent belongs to the intelligent manufacturing industry in the field of high-end equipment, and is a scientific and technological innovation enterprise with deep integration of artificial intelligence and manufacturing industry.

The number of shares issued by BlueSword Intelligent this time is 18.17 million shares, with an issue price of 27.7 yuan/share, a price-earnings ratio of 31.69 times, and a total of 503 million yuan raised. On the first day of listing, it rose by 137.36%, and the closing price rose to 65.75 yuan. The raised funds will be mainly used for the company's intelligent logistics equipment production experimental base construction project, R&D center and enterprise information construction project, the company's marketing service headquarters project and supplementary liquidity.

Wu Yaohua, Chairman of BlueSword Intelligent, said that after the company goes public, it will continue to take market demand as the guide, customer satisfaction as the goal, technology and innovation as the competitiveness, product quality and service as the life, enhance the strength of science and technology, and build a brand enterprise with core technology and core competitiveness. At the same time, it will vigorously explore the international market, enhance the company's global industry influence, build an international brand in the warehousing and logistics automation system industry, and achieve the strategic goal of global development.

Congratulations on the successful listing of BlueSword Intelligent and wish BlueSword a more brilliant future.

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