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Portfolio company Newsight, a report from Frost & Sullivan, a reputable consulting company in the US
2020/3/27 0:00:00  From:Infinity Capital Management

One of the portfolio company of Infinity Capital, Newsight Imaging Limited (“Newsight”) was established in May 2016, is an Israeli semiconductor company specializing in 3D CMOS image sensor chips, that are mainly used in automatic driving lidar, TOF rear camera of mobile phone, mobile payment face recognition, sweeping robot, etc. On November 13, 2019, with the assistance and promotion of Infinity Capital, Newsight's wholly-owned company: Zhuhai New Horizon Technology Co., Ltd. completed the commercial registration and landed in Zhuhai High-tech Zone.

In the face of the global outbreak of the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, Newsight continues to exert its strong technical advantages and is working towards a virus detection solution. In addition, many of the portfolio companies of Infinity Capital are also utilizing their advantages to donate money, goods, and materials, and some are even fighting the epidemic directly.

Below is the report from Frost & Sullivan, a reputable consulting company in the US:

Newsight Paves the Way to a Brighter Future for All of Us

March 24th,2020, New York

Newsight Imaging develops high-performance and affordable 3D image sensor chips for high volume applications, but what does this mean for our future? Up until now, conventional sensors available on the market suffered from high cost and inadequate performance. Newsight has developed a solution that has unparalleled performance at an affordable cost and this allows its chips to integrate into our lives in applications that could not previously be achieved.

These applications fall into one of two categories: machine vision or spectral imaging. When it comes to machine vision the implications are that our vehicles will be able to "see" and detect objects from the coveted range of up to 250 meters allowing them to make critical decisions sooner on the road. Newsight's technology is also expected to be integrated in a leading German OEM vehicle to be rolled out in the near future as part of that vehicle's Adaptive Frontlight System or AFS. AFS is the ability of a vehicle's front lights to adapt to changing road conditions such as lighting the way through a sharp curve before our vehicle turns into it, or automatically focusing headlights away from oncoming traffic so as not to blind drivers approaching from the opposite direction. Aside from giving our vehicles superior vision, Newsight is working with industry 4.0 factories to give production robots superior vision abilities for inspection and guidance applications. Newsight even augments our smartphones by giving them the ability to accurately perform face recognition or measure objects in our surroundings.

The spectral imaging applications of the company's technology have an equal impact on our lives. These applications include mobile and rapid analysis of water samples in order to check for contaminants, as well as analysis of consumer beverages such as beer for impurities and quality control. The medical applications of the technology are cutting edge and are best displayed through the company's coronavirus diagnostic kit expected to be released in a matter of months. While other solutions are not scalable and require too much time, Newsight's solution is portable and affordable, detects the coronavirus in seconds, has an IoT interface allowing for updates in case of viral mutation, consistently improves accuracy through AI, and has the ability to be developed to detect other microbials.

Frost & Sullivan concludes that opportunities made possible using Newsight's chips such as the introduction of a LiDAR costing less than $100 for OEMs and economically viable means of applying mobile spectral imaging technology for analysis of substances such as water at the point of use at $20 are huge game changers. We view Newsight's solution as groundbreaking and recognize the strong positive impact the company will have across many facets of our daily life.

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