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Portfolio Newsight Imaging was selected as one of the top 50 mobile companies
2020/6/12 0:00:00  From:Newsight

Newsight Imaging was selected as one of the top 50 mobile companies on June 4, 2020 by the European Startup Prize Organization (EUSP) which led by the European Union and the European Parliament. From 550 companies in all over Europe, these companies come from various mobile fields and will bring revolutionary changes to the transportation industry as we know it. In short, entering the top 50 is not only an excellent opportunity to become the final 10 of EUSP, but also an opportunity to benefit from EU-funded projects.

EUSP is a unique acceleration project that supports Europe's best start-up companies in developing sustainable mobile transportation innovations and provides them with the necessary resources to expand their scale in Europe. The start-up companies selected in the top 50 of EUSP will receive a special invested plan to guide European public and private funds to follow up. The European Investment Bank and EIT Urban Mobility are working together to give top start-ups more opportunities to change the global transportation and mobile industry.

The 3D CMOS sensor chip developed by Newsight Company is used for high-quality, low-power long-distance vision solutions with low price, and can be used for ADAS applications in the automotive mass market.

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