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Beepcard Inc. is a leading developer and provider of miniaturized wireless authentication and verification systems for a variety of security and mass-market applications. 

Beepcard offers the world’s first reader-free smart card, and is first-to-market with self-powered digital devices of any sort that adhere to the exacting international standards for bankcards.
Beepcard Inc is the maker of ComDot™ technology, a groundbreaking technology that enables a card or credit card to perform wireless communication with a PC, phone and cell phone, without requiring a card reader. ComDot™ technology bridges online and offline commerce and strengthens the relationship between users and their network or Internet service.

The ComDot™ solution is easy and convenient: Users simply hold the card in front of their PC, phone or other networked microphone and squeezes the ComDot™ - a flat button on the card - the card uses sound, carrying a one time 3DES encrypted code, to identify the user to the destination server.
Cards based on ComDot™ technology provide value to many industries, including banking, network security, healthcare, telecommunications, and online services, through their unique user authentication and loyalty functionality. End users enjoy the cards for their familiarity, simplicity and security in e-shopping, phone-based purchasing, and Internet services log-in. They can even use the card for phone card calling and cash withdrawal from ATMs.


Website: www.beepcard.com

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