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IntelliDx is developing glucose monitoring devices for the diabetes market.


Kamedis products are formulated to treat symptoms of common skin disorders – Atopic Dermatitis, Psoriasis, Seborrhea, Acne, allergies, and other chronic or acute conditions that cause discomfort, itching or dryness.


BotanoCap is a development company that  has developed a “green“ delivery system to "green"  product line which effectively replaces toxic chemical materials for agricultural, veterinary and household use, meeting international demands and regulations for health and environmental protection


Israel has global leading technology on Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical. Israel's per capita patent amount of medical device is No.1 in the world. 35% of the research projects in Israel focus on life science.
Per capita patent amount of biotechnology in Israel ranks No.4 in the world.
There are many big companies in Israel. Teva is world biggest generics company.

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