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Kaiima, whose name in Hebrew means sustainability, is an innovative Israel-based, seed and breeding-technology company. Kaiima's mission is to help feed the world and energize it by introducing new varieties of key agricultural crops, specifically designed for sustainable agriculture, with vastly improved yields.

Kaiima's proprietary Enhanced Ploidy technology (EP™) multiplies the plant’s genome without compromising its integrity. This non-GMO technology is implemented within the genome of crops that are vital to global food security as well as specific energy crops, to significantly boost productivity and improve land and water-use efficiencies. EP™ has been successfully demonstrated by Kaiima in several crops, including wheat, maize, rapeseed and castor. 

Early investors in Kaiima include DFJ, DFJ-Tamir Fishman, KPCB, Oberlee, and Musea Ventures.

For more information, please visit www.kaiima.com.


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