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Futuragene (FGN) is one of Israel's top companies in the agriculture field and is a leader in the genetic modification of crops. As the company develops its IP strategy further, relationships and experiences in agriculture investment, and deals providing leverage with IP in China are key. Futuragene already has several possible strategic partners in China, a Beijing operation and the potential for an exclusive deal for use of one of its patent applications for poplar in China.

Futuragene's core technology covers the manipulation of the cell wall of plants and provides yield improvement ranging from 25-300% on various key crops including eucalyptus trees, poplar, corn, cotton, alfalfa, etc. In addition it allows disease and ambiotic stress resistance via strengthening of the cell wall. This is valuable for the ever increasing needs of the agriculture, forest and biomass industries as they press for higher production with minimal field space, particularly in China.

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