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BotanoCap is a development company that  has developed a “green“ delivery system to "green"  product line which effectively replaces toxic chemical materials for agricultural, veterinary and household use, meeting international demands and regulations for health and environmental protection

Products and Products under Development


BotanoCap’s first approved product was recently launched in Israel for field applications on Potatoes, Carrots and Lettuces. It was found effective against Rhizoctonia, Sclerotinia, Botrytis and other fungi. and is also effective against different bacteria, Tests for Seeds applications are presently being carried out The formulation is based on microencapsulated essential oils with a slow and controlled release profile with a material composition that conforms to Organic farming regulations

OrganoCide Sachet

Our latest development is a powder formulation of microencapsulated essential oils for post-harvest applications. The powder is packed in a porous Sachet and placed in the delivery boxes of fresh post harvest crops. There is no direct contact between the active ingredient and the crop. The efficacy is based upon the essential oil evaporation and release from the microcapsules that maintains an effective antimicrobial environment for about a couple of weeks. For example in one application it prevents the Botrytis fungus and thus significantly extends the shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables 


This product is in the advanced development stage. It is a microencapsulated essential oil formulation which is highly effective against plant-parasitic nematodes in effect a nematicide. Current tests are being performed with standard irrigation systems and are being compared to Organo Phosphorus based products 


This is a product undergoing registration in Israel. It is designated for the prevention and treatment against White Fly, "Bemisia Tabaci" on different agricultural crops. The formulation is based on the microencapsulation of a synergistic mixture of essential and herbal oils. To date it has been tested on flowers, tomatoes, herbs and spices and found to be very effective.


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