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“Gal-Or Family” being interviewed by CCTV4 at the INNONATION Powerhouse
2018/11/18 0:00:00  From:CCTV4

After being interviewed by the documentary "Amazing China" produced by CCTV, "Gal-Or Family" recently accepted an interview with CCTV4 the international channel at the INNONATION Powerhouse.

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From 1978 to 2018, reform and opening up provided China with a fertile ground for innovation and technology. On the other hand, openness promotes the continuous expansion of exchanges, and drives more technological applications and overseas talents to take root in China. Since the beginning of this year, more and more foreigners have chosen to develop in China. They study in China, integrate into the local social circle and land in China to start their careers. The "Gal-Or family" is a typical example.

Lao Gao (Gao Zheming, Amir Gal-Or) discerned that China will be the fastest growing country in the future. He moved his family from Israel to Hong Kong more than ten years ago, and moved to Beijing six years ago. Xiao Gao (Gao Yousi, Raz Gal Or) just graduated from Peking University last month. During his stay at Peking University, he co-founded the self-media video brand Waiguoren Research Association with his alumni. He interviews foreigners living in China near Wudaokou every week.The video released is very popular among young netizens.

Xiao Gao (Gao Yousi, Raz Gal-Or) said in the interview: "Many people in the world have not had such a localized Chinese education experience like me. So we feel that we need to share with the world what it is like to live in China. From a From the perspective of international students or from the perspective of foreigners.”

As early as 2003, Amir led the Israeli Infinity Group to invest in China, and was very honored to obtain the first (foreign) venture capital business license (No.: 00001), becoming the first foreign capital allowed to engage in RMB business fund.

At present, the Israeli Infinity Group has invested in a number of Chinese companies, including listed Jingfang Technology, China Information, Liaison Interactive, Baozun E-commerce, etc.

In recent years, China has continuously optimized its industrial support and innovation capabilities, and enhanced its strong competitiveness in the international investment market. In the first half of this year, there were nearly 30,000 new foreign-invested enterprises nationwide. China’s wider opening up has created business opportunities for foreign investors to invest in China, enhanced the confidence of foreign companies to deeply cultivate the Chinese market, and changed the work and life of many foreigners in China Way.

Gao Zheming said in an interview: "(More than ten years ago,) what I saw was just the beginning. China's innovation is still in the seed stage. Gradually, this kind of innovation begins to expand. Different cities learn from each other. The government promulgates new policies, and new Business models are constantly emerging, and the seed has finally grown into a big tree, and I have witnessed this development process.”

Over the past forty years, bringing in has been one of the main themes of reform and opening up, and China has made great achievements in introducing foreign investment and attracting international talents. In June this year, data released by the China and Globalization Think Tank showed that China is growing into a country of international fame, and foreigners coming to China to pursue their dreams are also on the rise. Changes in the mentality of foreigners in China are inseparable from the continuous optimization of China's opening-up environment. In the future, with the establishment of China's National Immigration Administration and the implementation of important measures to further expand opening-up, China will create a better opening-up environment for the inflow of foreign capital and talents. environment of. INNONATION will also fully respond to the country's call to support foreigners to start businesses in China. As a bridge connecting Sino-foreign cooperation, our meticulously built INNONATION Powerhouse can definitely become the first stop for foreigners to start businesses in China.

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