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Jianrui Xiong is a Venture Partner of Infinity Group. He supports the Group’s China and cross boarder activities.

Mr. Xiong has dozens of years of technology, entrepreneurial and senior management experience. Prior to joining Infinity, Mr. Xiong has worked as a senior executive in several Hong Kong listed companies for more than 10 years. His roles included President, Chairman, Executive Director, Non-executive Director and CEO. Previously, Mr. Xiong has founded Zhuhai Xiuhe Co Ltd, which invested in and operated Hunan Yangtze Wireless Paging Station. In his early career, he has worked as a manager/engineer in the Ministry of Electronics & Industry, Hunan Hengyang Television and Zhuhai Western District Radio & Television.

Mr. Xiong earned his Bachelor's degree in Communication Engineering from Xidian University.

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